Active members, thank you!

Your contribution allows the APPI education system to evolve and get better day after day.

Registration in APPI is free. However paying membership fees gives you some advantages:

  • As a pilot, the APPI instructors with whom you learn and progress have been trained with cutting edge APPI content. Their certification attests to an excellent pedagogical and safety level. They are trustworthy. The educational platform allows you to situate yourself in the progression plan and to communicate easily with the instructors. It allows you to continue to progress smoothly along your travels in a system and standard that is common to every school of the APPI network worldwide. You get access to educational documentation (logbook, manuals), to multilingual online exam training. You print your license directly from your dashboard, it is secured by QR code. You have your APPI rating recognized in the countries where APPI has signed an agreement with the local authorities. You can contract insurance when available.
  • As an owner of a pro rating: your tandem center or school is displayed and promoted on the APPI schools map. Your APPI rating is recognized in the countries where APPI has signed an agreement with the local autorities.You have access to documentation and training. You may be offered a job by a structure that is in the APPI network.  You can contract insurance if available.
  • Instructors get the ability to give exams and certify students in the APPI system. The unique certification tool allows an innovative way to work in team, and to continue in a fluid way the training of a student coming from another structure. They can promote their events or courses on the interactive map.
  • Masters benefits on top of that of an innovative management platform for pro-workshops and pro-courses

And above all it makes you become an active member of the APPI community!

Paying your membership, you help the association improve the web platform, developp educational contentsand their translation. You support the development of the network of national federations that recognize the APPI system and ratings. You contribute to the institutional functioning of the association.

Memberships are the only ressource of APPI.

Where does the money go?

  • Improvement of the web-based platform.
  • Improvement of the educational system: this includes the development and permanent evolution of educational contents: improvement of exams questions, revision of pilot's, tandem pilots and instructor manuals,  developpemt of innovative educational contents (for instance maintenance contents...) ... among many innovative educational projects we have.
  • Educational actions in the field, when the association needs to help due to the context
  • Insurance department, that fights to find and keep insurance solutions for the members
  • Translations for website, messages, newsletter, exam questions, educational contents...
  • Secretary, which takes care of the technical functioning of the association: answering questions, interventions in the database, payment of services...
  • Bank charges.
  • ...

How do I pay?

1 Go in your “My account” page, check the LICENSE , INSURANCE , PAYMENTS folder Then click on the PAY button.
You can pay by VISA card, MASTERCARD, Diners Club International, Alipay or Unionpay.
You can also pay with your APPI account or by bank transfer.

2 You live in a country where bank fees for international transfer are high, any travelling APPI member you meet could pay for you (at his discretion) .
They can find the « pay for a member » button in their dashboard.
You can then refund them directly in cash.