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Those course are designed for teaching tandem operation (tandem pro-course) or teaching instruction (assistant instructor pro-course) to people that have little or no experience in those fields.
The tandem pro-course student is typically skilled and experienced APPI 5 type pilot. Their broad knowledge of the general theory together with good emotional control gives them an acute situational awareness. Their maturity is is reflected in an excellent attitude and their reputation is not that of a rogue pilot.

The assistant instructor pro course student is typically a tandem pilot with solid experience, and a holder of an APPI tandem rating. Their passion for sharing the joy of paragliding leads them to go beyond simply taking passangers for a tandem flight – they really want to get people fly on their own. Safety is their primary concern and that’s what they want to pass onto their students. Did we mention their interest in teaching methods as well?

A large part of these courses are dedicated to field training, which allows participants to put into practice and solidify the knowledge acquired. These classes are intense, and this practice time reinforces classroom theory while students tap into the Master’s expertise. Participants finish with a solid foundation of the course curriculum. At the end of the course, participants get a clear roadmap with specific and personalized tasks to complete. This is when they will take control of their progression in a precisely defined time frame allowing for the safest path to success. Once ready they will take the exam, which when passed will cetainly expand their horizons.
The Pro-courses are also open to experienced tandem pilots or instructors having no opportunity to attend a pro-workshop, or those who prefer to validate their experience in a more relaxed environment where the material is introduced gradually. At the end of the pro-course they might directly take the exam and get the certification they deserve according to their skills, knowledge, and experience based upon APPI standards. This the same as it would have been if they had attended a pro-workshop.

Tandem Course

Asistant Instructor Course


APPI pro-workshops are seminars intended for tandem pilots and instructors who are already working as professionals - whether they have a certification from another education system or not - and want to have their skills recognized in the APPI system. To enter a pro-workshop they must meet clear and specific requirements in terms of knowledge, skills and experience In comparison with pro courses, pro-workshops are clearly more intense leaving little room for technical improvment. Participants should rather have a solid practical level, and deeply refresh their theoretical knowledge prior the class. All necessary course materials are provided before the proworkshop in order to allow participants to train. A serious training is strongly recommended for those that want to have the best chance of passing the evaluation at the end of the class.

Tandem Pro-workshops

Instructor Pro-workshops

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Tandem pro-workshop Peru, Cusco
14-20 Nov 2019

SIV course Iran, Minab
1 April 2021

Instructor pro-workshop Columbia, Corcona
19-24 August 2019
APPI offers various types of workshops:
Pilot Workshop
Tandem Pro-Course
Tandem Pro-Workshop
Assistant Instructor Pro-Course
Instructor Pro-Workshop
Tandem+Instructor Full Pro-Workshop
Speed Pro-Course
Speed Pro-Workshop
Maintenance Pro-Course
Maintenance Pro-Workshop
Additional Exam For Proworkshop Participants

Upcoming workshops

Pro-workshops and Pro-course planned

110 | in | Bulgaria | from 1 apr to 12 apr 2022 | with Sky Camp Paragliding School
Tandem Pro-Course | Sky Camp Sopot Spring tandem pilot course

112 | in | Colombia | from 23 feb to 4 mar 2022 | with Flyinfrog
Instructor Pro-Workshop | Colombia. Dictado en castellano

111 | in | France | from 18 jan to 19 jan 2025 | with Flyinfrog
Equivalence | permanent equivalence workshop