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      Conferencia envejecimiento materiales
      08 October 2021EDUCATION
      Lunes 11 de octubre a las 22:00 UTC se celebrará una conferencia sobre el envejecimiento de los materiales de parapente. Organizada por la APPI con ASUP (Uruguay) y FEDOPAR (República …see more

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      Full pro-taller Castejon, Aragon, Espana Bonte Manu (10914)
      08 October 2021EDUCATION
      Pro-Taller completo (bipla+instructor) en España, 15-28->30 de Noviembre 2021, dictado en castellano. Dedicado principalmente a instructores que ya tienen buena experiencia tanto como biplacero pro, que como instructor.

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      Tandem pro-workshop in Oludeniz Turkey Bonte Manu (10914)
      08 October 2021EDUCATION
      Two tandem proworkshops are scheduled in Oludeniz, Turkey
      October 25-31 given in English
      November 8-14 given in turkish

      details here

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      NEW APPI! Bonte Manu (10914)
      10 September 2021INFO
      New website, plenty of new features, new domain name...
      Let's fly further together!


      PPG and trike version are in short final!

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      Promote your educational events APPI association (40000)
      14 September 2021INFO
      Instructors, are your planning to give a class?

      APPI1,2,3, XC, SIV or whatever other educational event, declare it in your school space, it will appear in the worldwide map.

      Any visitor …see more

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      Tandem course in Makedonia Bonte Manu (10914)
      10 September 2021EVENT
      Tandem course in Makedonia given by Mendo Veljanovski and Ivo Gerov just finished succesfully!

      Good weather, excellent level of the participants, new tandem pilots are joining the family!

      Congrats Mendo for putting …see more