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Advanced SIV

Advanced SIV certifications means that the pilot has acquired advanced piloting techniques according to APPI standards.


To enroll an advanced SIV course, an individual must be holder of an APPI SIV rating. They must have the minimum age in accordance with local rules (Federation/ Civil Aviation/ Army, etc), and have the authorization of a parent/guardian if of minor age.


This course is given above water with appropriate safety equipment. The pilot explores his glider’s limits and learns how to avoid and recover from flight incidents. Also he will learn to improve his emotional control in emergency situations. Advanced SIV: Full Stal Back Fly 90° spin Spin to Back fly Minimum speed Exit from auto-rotation Exit spiral dive (dynamic and progressive) Advanced optional 360° turns, flat to deep to flat Wing overs Collapses on speed bar Dynamic spin Reserve deployment Glider stabilization (avoid down plane effect) Ground handling : Back fly and spin on the ground


Certification is issued when the SIV instructor assesses that the pilot masters the maneuvers autonomously


This certification is issued by an APPI SIV instructor.