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APPI 5 Advanced

FAI ippi 5
APPI5 Advanced Pilots show a wide range of skills and knowledge and a solid experience. This qualification is the door for more advanced practices like tandem flying, and why not to go Professional.


To enroll in an APPI 5 advanced pilot course, an individual must : Be holder of an APPI 4 progress rating or be holder of a rating equivalent to FAI IPPI 4. Have the minimum age in accordance with local rules (Federation/ Civil Aviation/ Army, etc), and have the authorization of a parent/guardian if of minor age.


The training includes high level theoretical knowledge about weather, mechanics of flight, air-laws, piloting and equipment. The mental part is about having an objective evaluation of risk, self-evaluation techniques and planning of their own progression. On the field: ground handling skills are pushed to an excellent level. In flight: ability to set a flight plan and adapt it to conditions and terrain, improvement of piloting techniques, solid approach skills and decent accuracy will allow the advanced pilot to widen their flight range with a high level of safety.


To validate APPI 5 advanced pilot qualification, the student must : -Be holder of an APPI 3 adventure rating for more than one year -Have completed the theoretical, ground handling and practical tasks described in the logbook in the APPI5 advanced pilot section. -Have logged in their logbook a minimum of 200 flights total, 100 hours on 10 different flying sites. -be holder of the advanced SIV and the XC certifications. -Have passed the APPI advanced pilot practical exam. -Have passed the APPI advanced pilot theoretical exam.


APPI5 rating is issued by two APPI professional owners of at least APPI Instructor rating. The first one is the main instructor. The second one (confirmation instructor) is choosen by the pilot himself.


APPI 5 advanced pilot are considered as fully autonomous pilots. They can register for tandem course.


According to APPI rules, an APPI 5 advanced pilot: Must report in APPI system of accident when involved. Must respect the rules and regulations of the countries he is flying in. Must keep his logbook updated.


For citizens and residents of countries where free flight authority (NAC) recognizes officially APPI certifications and delegated to APPI the right to issue FAI IPPI level, the FAI stamp with IPPI 5 rating will automatically appear on their APPI licence.