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Pro tandem

FAI ippi 6
The Pro Tandem qualification is issued to tandem pilots with solid tandem skills and experience. They operate in a professional manner in any way, and among other points, they are able to work efficiently with a high safety level.


To present the APPI professional tandem pilot exam, a tandem pilot must: Be certified as a non-commercial tandem pilot for at least one year Show proof of a minimum number of 100 tandem flights as a pilot. You are an already experienced tandem pilot, you wish to have your skills recognized in APPI, check the pro-workshop page here.


Getting APPI Tandem rating when you are already experienced. An experienced tandem pilot may ask for recognition of his skills. The process consists of attending a tandem Pro-workshop and pass the exams at the end of the pro-workshop. See pro-workshop infos here. Tandem pilots with Swiss of French tandem certification, please contact secretary for simplified procedure.


This exam is given by a master plus another instructor or master (double validation). Theoretical exam 50 questions with 80% success. Practical exam Maintenance Glider trim control. Flight exam Based on professional tandem operating. Passenger care and attention. Briefings and procedures mastered. Efficiency : time between “passenger intake_glider in the bag”, and “ready to take off”, less than 10mn. Master direct and reverse takeoff techniques. Excellent technique for glider visual control (look up), acceleration, trajectory control. Excellent technique in takeoff exit, specially for getting passenger into harness while keeping piloting. Operational over a wide range of loads and conditions. Management and use of the camera (goPro stick). Safety management on takeoff, in flight, and landing. Two flights in tandem Fast descent technique. Timed maneuvers : figure 8 (inverted 360) 25 sec glider stabilized, spiral 720° 20 sec glider stabilized. Neat U shape approach, min 4 sec straight final, land on foot inside a 30m diameter target. (2 times). One joker flight possible (takeoff or approach not satisfactory, fail on timed maneuvers or accuracy, etc...). If there is whatever issue in the safety procedure of any flight, the exam is immediately failed. If the instructor judges an action is dangerous (on take off, at landing or uncontrolled maneuvers), the exam is immediately failed. Warning: even if the participant validates the safety procedures, maneuvers, target, theory knowledge, it is always possible the pedagogical team’s opinion is that the participant has not yet reached the required level. In that case they will explain their position and propose a clear road-map to reach the desired objective. If the participant disagrees with that decision, he may report to the disciplinary committee that will investigate.


Pro tandem rating is issued by two APPI professional. One of them should be owner of at least APPI master Instructor rating. The second one should be owner of at least APPI Instructor rating


Upon APPI standards, APPI pro tandem pilot is capable of commercial tandem activity, with efficiency and a high level of safety.


The APPI pro tandem pilot can then pass the following certifications : handifly, SIV tandem, and get advanced tandem certification (necessary to fly XC in tandem). He may also get the Group Leader certification.


Authorized to conduct tandem flights for business. ACRO in Tandem: No acro in tandem above ground. No acro in tandem above water below 200m/surface. Acro in tandem above water above 200m allowed if glider is 10G certified, 2 emergency parachute or one Rogallo type, rescue team ready. Acro is wing > 90°, stall, spin, sat, spiral deeper -8m:s. In emergency situation any mean to go down is allowed. Special authorization to fly acro above ground can be given by a master under his responsibility. XC in tandem Is allowed with non commercial or pro qualification, it requires tandem siv certification + solo perfo certification. APPI Pro tandem pilot Carry certified emergency parachute except for dynamic soaring < 50m AGL and “walk and fly”. Certified harness. Tandem gear in good state. Third party liability insurance mandatory if available. Accident report in APPI system when involved. Flight certificate to passengers (mandatory: pilot’s name and APPI number, APPI logo and website adress). Respect rules and regulations of the countries they are flying in (working laws). Expect to act in an exemplary manner (value of example). Freely welcome visiting APPI pilots. APPI certification awarded to a pilot is internal to the APPI organization and shows no particular right in the country where the activity is done unless APPI certification is recognized by local authorities. Check with them if such an agreement exists.


For citizens and residents of countries where free flight authority (NAC) recognizes officially APPI certifications and delegated to APPI the right to issue FAI IPPI level, the FAI stamp with IPPI 6 rating will automatically appear on their APPI licence.