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Organya is one of the best places for developing one's acro skills. The unique geography means there is constant lift on the 3,500ft mountain. Pilots take off at 750ft above the landing area and climb up 3,000/4,000ft directly above the mountain before heading out into the 'box' to perform their routine. They then head back towards the mountain at around the same height as the take off and go for another run. It can take as little as 10 minutes to climb to altitude here and is not for the faint hearted!


Organya - The Home of Acro Paragliding!


- Ecole Haut Les Mains Parapente, Speed
- Hernán Ariel Di Lorenzo
- Limite Azul


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The ideal conditions are south wind, high pressure and lots of sunshine! This allows the mountain to warm up and the air to rush up the valley from the lakes to the south. It is a combination of thermic and dynamic lift but only directly on the mountain itself in an area about 1.5lm wide. Pilots should not go too far east as they can get trapped in the valley due to the venturi effect, nor should they go too far west as there can be SEVERE sink and rotor! The ideal time for beginners to fly in in the morning before it becomes the 'Magic Mountain' and then again in the late afternoon/early evening. Be aware that the lift can be extremely strong so if only the little acro wings are flying wait on launch and speak to the local pilots for their advice. Make sure you don't fly when there is strong west or east wind on the take off or landing areas!


The take off 750ft above the landing area and takes about 5 minutes to drive to. It is sloping and made of gravel. It has enough space for about 4 paragliders laid side by side. Be aware that if you launch during the middle of the afternoon, even as late as 7pm, the air going up directly on launch. This catches out even the most experienced pilots and causes them to get twisted up if they are too slow to turn from a reverse launch. There are some nasty bushes just below launch as well which have caught a few Paragliders in their time!


The landing area is dissected by a track leading to the club house which is up wind of the landing area. The area is quite big however below there is a valley so the thermic air comes up the side of the valley, over the trees and buildings and then over the landing area which can cause some nasty rotor. Try not to land here during the middle of the day as it can be bumpy and if you do try to land as far down wind of the landing area as possible near the open fields. It is also possible for experienced pilots to top land here however they should watch the others do it first as it's not easy!


It's approximately 2.5 hours from Barcelona and on the main bus route between Barcelona and Andorra which is 45 minutes to the north.


Speak to the local school and club on arrival about the rules and regulations.


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