GTOPIK San Felix

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The best flight site in the world where you can fly 360 days a year with all possible climatic variables smooth and stable or strong and turbulent, a perfect place to cross country to San Jeronimo, Sopetran, Santa Fe de Antioquia for the safety of The area and many roads.


Carretera Medellin San Pedro 82 a 90 Estadero el Voladero segundo piso, oficina de GTOPIK
050036 Medellín




- paragliding


Flight site in San Felix Colombia where you can fly 360 days of the year and thermal, dynamic conditions, from October to July the wind is soft maximum 30 kph and you can fly every day all day depending on the weather conditions, August and September the wind is strong maximum 50 kph can be flown early in the morning and at the end of the day.


Takeoff to the east is large and safe on the back of the takeoff we have a rotor and on the left side we have a small venturi.


Normally it lands in the same place where we take off in top landing when it lands in the city we have a main site and many alternate sites, the wind here is variable because it has enough thermal activity to be close to the city.


You travel to Medellin Colombia MDE Jose Maria Cordoba Airport and you can get very easy to the flight site by uber taxi bus or we also have personalized transport service


You need certification as a pilot, radio with the flight path, before flying you need the criteria of a professional premises to see how the weather conditions, safety instructions, airspace allowed etc.


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