Ostrogan Paragliding Spot

Author Petyo Kyurkchiyski
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Ostrogan is a paragliding spot located abobe Bistritsa vilage in the highest mountain in Bulgaria named Rila. The area is good for tactical XC flying, wich was proven on the National Championship at 20. The greatest advantage is the clear view to the huge landing area, which makes it very good for teaching, because the instructor can see the student during his flight. It is possible to free camp on the landing area ,and the same is suitable for PPG and Paratrike flying. Near by is located the city park also named Rila, wich is excellent place for relax with the swimming pools, table tennis, BBQ area and so on. https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?vanity=TheFlyingPeople&set=a.1904636562963543


2600 Dupnitsa


- paragliding
- powered paragliding


The takeoff is suitable for NNE, N, NW winds. Most of the time the general wind is from N and NE and with the combination of the local winds gives very good flyability rate of the place.


The takeoff is covered with grass. Nice and steep, wich makes it easy for lounching in light winds. As a north facing slope, Ostrogan provides smooth termal conditions suitable for beginer pilots. In wind rates 3 to 5 m/s, the ridge at front of the takeoff is safely soarable.


Very big and flat meadows near the city park Rila and next to the main road from Dupnitsa to Bistritsa. The landing is big enough for PPG, Paratrike and Flex wing take off and landing. The meadow is 300/60 meters. The place is suitable for camping.


The acces to Ostrogsn is by forestal road with 4x4 or hike. It taks around 45 min, to drive forom the landing to the takeoff. Tha landing is accesable with a car, because is located next to the main road


Its a G airspace in the area, no special ruls.


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