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South Lantau is separated into two flying zones (east and west) this page is a about the West flying site. Please be reminded that crossing between the two flying sites is strictly prohibited because of Helicopter Traffic in the gap 大嶼山南部分為兩個飛行區(東面,西面),此頁面是關於西面飛行場的。請注意,東涌道是直升機航道,嚴禁越過在兩個飛行地點之間的直升機航道。 South Lantau is one of two Southerly sites in Hong Kong. It is mostly a Soaring site, with good thermals on a sunny day. The site allows limited XC flights with great views and a easy beach landing. 南大嶼山是我們在香港擁有的最好的滑翔傘熱點之一。它的地形多樣,可以進行動力氣流和熱氣流飛行。在天氣好的日子有很大的潛力進行有限度越野飛行。


Pak Kung Au bus stop,Tung Chung Rd, Lantau Island, Hong Kong
00000 Hong Kong


- paragliding


Winds to look for on the HKO website are Chung Chau with as much S as possible and force 2-3. Never fly in force 5 and above wind condition. 在天文台網站上尋找的風向是:長洲偏南風 2至3級。不要嘗試在風力5級或以上情況進行滑翔傘活動。


There is reliable lift to the Right of Take Off above the rock cliff and all along the front depending upon the conditions. Take off area is narrow and it is not forgiving, should not be taken lightly. 在起飛場前方有可靠的升力。起飛場很窄,不應掉以輕心。


Lower Cheung Sha beach 下長沙泳灘 The LZ is next to the small water way. If you land to the Right of the waterway you can easily walk to the pickup area behind at the Beach Club. You can gets drink there too. Look out and perform your landing away from swimmer and spectator on the beach. 降落區毗鄰小河邊。您降落後則可以輕鬆地步行到海灘俱樂部旁邊的收拾區,您也可以在那裡買飲料。降落時請留意並遠離人群和其他沙灘使用者。


Getting to South Lantau – Take the MTR to Tung Chung. You can either get a Blue Taxi ( Exit C ) toward Cheung Sha, or get any NLB bus ( Exit A ) to Mui Wo, Ngong Ping or Tai O. In either case when you can see the top of the hill get out at the Pak Kung Au bus stop. 在東涌,您可以乘藍色的士(C出口)到伯公坳,或乘坐南大嶼巴士往梅窩,昂坪或大澳,在伯公坳下車。


The site is in controlled airspace close to the GFS Base at HK International Airport. There are special requirements. 該地點位於香港國際機場和政府飛行服務隊基地附近,飛行前有特殊要求。 You MUST CONTACT the Government Flying Service Prior to flying the site PH: 23058301. They will want to know which side you are flying and your duration of flight. 您必須先與政府飛行服務隊聯繫,電話23058301。他們需要知道您正在飛行的是哪面以及活動的持續時間。 You must not fly across the Road from one side to the other. This is an active Helicopter Lane 東涌道是直升機航道,嚴禁越過在兩個飛行地點之間的直升機航道。 DO NOT Enter Cloud on this site. There are Aircraft nearby. 嚴禁在雲中飛行


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