Already an experienced tandem pilot or instructor?
You are passionate about sharing the joy of paragliding?
Your vocational goal is to help increase safety and standards worldwide?

We are excited to have you join the APPI network of professional instructors and schools. Click on a APPI course to view details about it.

Benefits of joining
  • APPI certifications are globally respected,
  • Worldwide employment opportunities,
  • Attract business to your school with the APPI member’s network,
  • Be a part of a competent instructor team.

In order to integrate experienced tandem pilots and instructors into the APPI system, we have designed a specific program called the “Pro-workshop”. Contact us and we will review your experience in order to find the best program for you.


APPI proworkshops are offered around the world at different times and places.


During those seminars you will get the all the educational material, tools and methods APPI instructors are using all around the world.
These seminars features among other items:

Tandem Pro-workshop:
  • Material: aging control, smart and easy tools to assess gliders airworthiness,
  • Flight mechanics: up to date knowledge and the latest piloting techniques,
  • Forecast, aerology: advanced tools and applications,
  • Safety: latest knowledge about accidentology and strategies to lower risk exposure (James Reason’s theory, risk homeostasis...),
  • Tandem: proven safe and effective operating procedures.
Instructor pro-workshop
  • Fully focused on the APPI teaching method
  • Safety procedures,
  • Guiding techniques,
  • Tools to prepare a course,
  • Education methods,
  • Analysis and debriefing tools...
These seminars are quite intense. One part is focused on theory and another one features field training in order to implement the concepts to the real world.
Contents have been assembled by high level specialists ( Master instructors, paraglider designers, scientists, psychologists, experts of paragliding materials aging control, world-class XC or acro pilots, SIV instructors...)
It will also be an opportunity for us to get your opinion on the course contents.
Our goal is also to identify the future Master Instructors, and begin preparing them to give these types of professional classes worldwide.

At the end of those seminars you will get the rating corresponding to your skills, experience and knowledge according to APPI standard.

Pro-workshops details & requirements
A / General requirements to register for a Pro-workshop.
in order to get an APPI professional qualification at the end of the course you must:
  • Be over 18 years of age,
  • Submit a first aid certificate,
  • Submit proof of advanced SIV certified by an APPI SIV instructor or video showing the following mandatory maneuvers:
    • Spiral dive damped exit,
    • Pitch control,
    • Stall, back fly, exit,
    • Spin 360 degrees mini, exit,
    • Maintained asymmetrical collapse, autorotation SAT type, exit.
The footage will be made from two cameras, one on the ground, the other one on the knee or the foot. And edit of that type will be provided: youtu.be/aYkBDtdm284. Submit a video of tandem flight featuring Safety procedures according to APPI (cf APPI tandem-routine), takeoff approach and landing, and the timed maneuvers of the APPI exam (720° and figure 8) (cf tandem pro-workshop info). If the master in charge has any doubt about practical skills, he might ask for a solo demo flight prior to any tandem flight. Solo tasks include:
  • clean take off with safety check,
  • spiral 720° exit on axis in less than 15 sec glider stabilized,
  • pitch and pitch control,
  • landing with 4 sec minimum straight final in a 15m diameter target.
B / Tandem Pro-workshop requirements
You are an experienced Tandem pilot and you want to have your skills recognized in the APPI system you should attend a tandem Pro-workshop and pass its exams.
To qualify for APPI non commercial tandem pilot, you should provide proof of a minimum of:
  • 2 years paragliding activity,
  • 50 tandem flights as pilot documented.
To qualify for APPI pro tandem pilot, you should provide proof of a minimum of:
  • 3 years experience paragliding activity,
  • one year tandem operating,
  • 150 tandem flights as pilot documented.
Contents and Exams are similar to APPI tandem courses.
Upon the result of the exam, if not failed, the master instructor in charge may validate Non Commercial Tandem Pilot status as either “pending” or “validated”, or APPI pro tandem pilot status as either “pending” or “validated”.
C / Instructor Pro-workshop requirements
You are an experienced Instructor and you want to have your skills recognized in the APPI system you have to attend first a tandem pro-workshop or a tandem pro-course and validate at least non commercial tandem pilot. Then apply for an instructor Pro-workshop and pass their exams.
Instructor pro-workshop is fully focused on pedagogy applied to paragliding teaching, and guiding safety procedures and techniques.
To qualify for APPI instructor proworkshop, you should provide proof of a minimum of:
  • 4 years paragliding activity,
  • 2 years tandem operating, 150 tandem flights as pilot,
  • 2 years instructor activity,15 students taught from first flights to first autonomy (IPPI 3),
  • at least non commercial tandem validated thru APPI proworkshop or pro-course (not by equivalence).
Contents and Exams are similar to APPI ASSISTANT INSTRUCTOR course.
If the exam is not fully validated, the master in charge will give to the participant a clear road-map of what they need to do to improve. Standard procedure is that the participant should re-take the exams at a forthcoming pro workshop, repeat attendance of the full workshop is usually not mandatory unless the master advises it.
Each Pro-workshop concludes with a highest possible certification of APPI instructor in progress.
D / Instructor final exam
If the following key points are validated:
  • Glider’s trim control,
  • APPI system exam,
  • at least non commercial tandem qualification, with tandem operation showing perfect procedures,
  • pedagogical session,
  • student guiding solid and professional,
  • theory grade above or equal to 4/5. Then the student is eligible for the final Instructor exam.
Instructor validation is obtained thru a check with a master after the end of the workshop. During this check, the student has to:
  • show they handle perfectly the APPI website, documents and student registration,
  • show they master APPI pedagogical tools,
  • give theoretical course to students,
  • give practical course in the field prepared with the APPI session tool,
  • show good safety management.
If the practical course does not involve flight, they will also guide at least one student at take off, in flight and in approach and landing.
E / Equivalence
Instructors with Swiss or French tandem or instructor certification may contact the secretary for simplified procedure. This simplified procedure gives limited prerogatives and excludes tandem certification. To get full prerogatives attend a pro-workshop is mandatory.
F / Rating currency program
APPI tandem pilots, assistant instructors or instructors are encouraged to attend Pro-workshop when they have the chance. This leads to an update of the certification date added to the pilot’s APPI profile, and will certify that the tandem pilot or APPI instructor updated his knowledge.

APPI does not make any profit on the workshops, the price is fixed freely by the masters who organize it. We strive to keep a low cost to enable everyone to participate.