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Flying is an incredible lifestyle, join our worldwide community of paragliding enthusiasts. You will find APPI buddies in the most exotic destinations. Make your flying dreams a reality! Whether it’s your first paragliding experience, the desire to improve your skills in any aspect, or you want to become a paragliding professional, find here the right course with APPI. Instructors of the APPI worldwide network, are certified according to high standards. You will enjoy an easy and safe progression.

Find below a sample of popular courses, get the whole picture of the APPI system here.

Beginner courses

The magic of flight enchants you. You want to experience it for yourself. Simple: click and see how APPI instructors will help you live the experience with safety and fun!

Pilot courses

You've been flying for a while. More experienced pilots get higher and go further. You want to share the sky with them. Click and see the multiple APPI courses tailored to help you learn more and progress


You are a serious pilot, XC appeals you or maybe you want to have a spin into the freestyle world? Time to refine your piloting skills! Explore the limits of your glider in a safe environment, with the help of experienced SIV and Acro instructors.

Tandem courses

What a privilege to share our passion with friends and family. APPI tandem courses will help you develop the discipline and judgment needed to handle these big responsibilities. Click to find out more.

Assistant Instructor Courses

Seasoned tandem pilot, you feel the desire to help friends become safe pilots. Pass on your experience to new students by becoming an instructor.  Click and see how APPI can make this a reality for you.