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Manu Bonte

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License n°:10914
Spoken languages:English French German Spanish
Description:Adventure pilot flyin' around the world since 1987, I was probably the one that opened most paragliding sites in Morocco. South America is an incredible playground (XC in Colombia, hypoxic flights in Peru, wildness of Bolivia, Chile, or Argentina), Balkans also has my heart (Montenegro, Macedonia, Albania...) Journalist for paragliding mags, author of "parapente sauvage" a topo guide of 50 beautiful mountain flights I am formerly engineer and I have worked in the dev team as test pilot for the French brand Nervures in the years 2003-2011. Nowadays, president of APPI education committee, I share my flying time between instructing instructors and guiding XC tours.


My last workshop As creator: Workshop in CO from 2024-09-14 to 2024-09-23 by Manu Bonte

Current schools as instructorFlyinfrog
Monique Sarre

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