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Marcelo Augusto Pairoa Mücherl

APPI instructor
Pro tandem
validatedInstructorAPPI 2017Pro Tandemvalidated
APPI PG Assistant Instructor - Validated
APPI member since 26 October 2013


License n°:12575
Firstname:Marcelo Augusto
Lastname:Pairoa Mücherl
Spoken languages:English French German Spanish
Description:Professional Paragliding Instructor (Spanish, English, German, French)
Pilot since 1994, Working as an instructor since 1996
Advanced SIV Course Magic 7 School , Argentina, Luis Rosenkjer 1998.
1st place King Mountain ID USA August 1998
1st place Iquique November 1998
1st place Santiago November 1998
1st place Santiago March 2002
1st place iquique April 2002
1st place Santiago March 2003
1st place Stgo December 2003
PWC Cordoba 1999
World Championship Austria 1999
Worked / Working for following Schools
Sky Adventure Chile 96-03
Parapente Chile 03-14
Parapente Valle Nevado Chile 03 and 07
Parapente Pirineos Spain European summer seasons 04-19

Own Schools / Tandem centers
Marcelo Pairoa Flight School /Tandem Center (Santiago Chile) Chile Oct-Nov-Dic-April-May 15-19
Parapente Villarrica Flight School /Tandem Center (Villarrica Chile) Chile Summer seasons 14 to 19

Up to July 1 2019 5621 flights 3196 flight hours 1627* students (1442 in Spain 185 in Chile)
*this number could also consider the same student taking another course (Progression, X-Country)
542 processes from 0 to pilot


My last workshop
Current schools as instructorParapente Pirineos Paragliding School

ParaglidingEducation Qualification:Instructor since 2014Actualized APPI instructor 2018School : FlyinfrogMain Instructor : Manu BonteConfirmation Instructor : Pablo LopezPilot Qualification:Pro tandem 2014Pilot Certifications:XC
Advanced SIV
TechnicianTechnician Certifications:First aid