175 - T1 Pro Rescue Packer Pro-Workshop
Maintenance Pro-Workshop
Created by : Naohisa Okada 15613
Country : Japan
School : AEROTACT Repair & Check Center
from 4 July to 5 July 2023
This is only for T1 Pro Rescue Packer. You can learn about all that you need to pack rescue parachute. basic knowleadge and technic for any kind of parachute type and also any kind of harness.
If you want to learn whole maintenance(T1,T2,T3,T4), we will make plan another workshop on this autum.

What you learn:
-how to open the parachute
-EN certification
-any kind of parachute, inner bag and harness
-how to use the parachute

Certification means:
T1 : each operation needs validation by the training team before to be returned to the clients.
T1 Expert: you can operate by yourself
Intended audience
1/ Main audience : Experienced Maintenance Operator: Evaluation & Certification
Are also welcome the following audiences
2/ Appi Member: Learn Glider Maintenance
Official language : English
Live translation in : Japanese

telephone : +819014615005
address : AEROTACT Repair & Check Center
Uwaso Ishioka-city Ibaraki-ken Japan