Tandem Pro-Workshop
Created by : Manu Bonte 10914
Country : United States
School : Big Sky Paragliding School
from 1 April to 10 April 2017
This intensive workshop will be a mix of classroom and field practice, and is comprised of three sections:

A 3 day theory segment open to all interested pilots, a 2 day Tandem clinic open to current tandem pilots, and a 2 day theory course for instructors already certified thru USHPA. There will also be 2 days of practical evaluations for the tandem and instructor segments. Interested tandem pilots and instructors can qualify for their APPI tandem and instructor ratings through this course. While the opportunity to get an APPI rating from this workshop is a great benefit, the biggest benefit will be the comprehensive education and current knowledge provided.

The first three days will cover:
how gliders age and change over time, and how to control those changes depending on the materials used in the construction with simple tools.
How to throw the reserve in the three main groups of emergency situations.
Aerodynamic explanation of classic misconceptions concerning flying in turbulence, and tips on effective piloting.
Skew T for dummies.
Strategies for stress management.
Performance flying and transition strategy (best glide vs mac cready )
Risk management
These three days are open to all interested pilots
The following tandem and instructor segments will cover advanced instruction techniques, will allow current instructors and tandem pilots to test for their APPI tandem or instructor rating
APPI has recently gotten worldwide insurance for pilots and instructors in Europe, and a number of other countries, however not currently in North America.
The APPI pilot, tandem or instructor rating is valuable for the traveling pilot and professional, as APPI is recognized in a number of countries worldwide, and offers the potential of insurance coverage outside of the US.

The workshop will be run by Manu Bonte, the flying frog, master instructor and head of APPI pedagogical committee.
Manu is a mechanical engineer and worked for 8 years as a test pilot and designer for a paragliding manufacturer. He also specializes in XC clinics that he runs all around the world.

This is a "continuing education" course for all skill levels. It will be an opportunity for pilots of all abilities to increase knowledge and learn some different skills, techniques and broaden horizons, and for instructors to come together and share ideas with a highly skilled trainer from a different training program.

For more information contact:
Dale Covington
Big Sky Paragliding
(801) 699 1462
Intended audience
1/ Main audience : Experienced Tandem Pilots: Evaluation & Tandem Certification

address : Salt Lake City, Utah