Instructor Pro-Workshop
Created by : Shahin Fallah 11333
Country : Turkey
School : Crazy Diamonds
from 11 Jan. to 22 Jan. 2021
APPI instructor Pro-workshop

To apply: fill that form, the masters in charge will contact you

Instructor pro-workshop is fully focused on pedagogy applied to paragliding teaching, and guiding safety
procedures and techniques. It features a collection of APPI pedagogical tools as well as field instruction practice.
It consists of advanced content updated with the most recent knowledge. This course is one of the necessary part to obtain the APPI assistant instructor qualification or the instructor qualification.

At the end of this course, it will be assessed that you are able to:
- Develop courses using APPI tools with the adequate pedagogy
- Give a pertinent, structured and clear theory class
- Give a course in the field with good safety management
- Guide a “student” during take-off , in flight and during landing with precision and efficiency, giving effective directions

Aimed at:
-Experienced Instructor wishing to have their skills recognized in the APPI system.
-APPI assistant instructors, or instructors with certification “in progress”, wishing to polish their preparation for
instructor final exam
-APPI certified instructors refreshing their knowledge or preparing APPI master qualification

Candidates must have attended an APPI tandem pro-workshop or a tandem pro-course and validated at least Non Commercial Tandem Pilot (not by equivalence).

They should provide proof of a minimum of :
4 years paragliding activity,
2 years tandem operating, 150 tandem flights as pilot,
2 years instructor activity,15 students taught from first flights to first autonomy (IPPI 3),
General theory must be mastered. It is given in the APPI tandem course or in the APPI tandem proworkshop.

Intended audience
1/ Main audience : Experienced Instructor: Evaluation & Educational Certification

telephone : +90 539 586 1337
address : Denizli